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Angel Tattoo Design Studio : Gurgaon Branch

Angel Tattoo Design Studio is a registered/Govt. Approved Tattoo and Piercing Body Art Studio with its Main Tattoo Studio in Delhi (Rajouri Garden) & Gurgaon Sector-17 (Near Iffco Chowk)- India. Angel Tattoos have group of professional / best tattoo artists in Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida/Dwarka- India. Besides International Tattooing Expertise, our tattoo artists are tattooing in Delhi/NCR-Gurgaon-Noida-Dwarka since 2008, and with good sterilized/safe tattooing, have given finest tattoo services in simple to advance tattoo designs customization, 3D tattoos, Portrait Tattoo & Body Ear-Piercings.

Our Tattoo Parlors even have facility of temporary tattoo, faux tattoo, Air-Brush tattoo both in Delhi & Gurgaon tattoo centers. Tattoo Studio in Gurgaon also cowl prospects for tattoo in Dwarka, tattoo in DLF Phase -1,2,3, tattoo in Sushant Lok, Tattoo in Ambience Mall, Sahara Mall, TDI City Center. Also contact our tattoo makers in Delhi & Gurgaon if searching for Female Tattoo Artist, Tattoo Cover up or tattoo elimination providers and Tattoo Training Classes-programs. Minimizing The Pain Of Tattoos will allow you to to information with Best Tattoo Prices.

Tattoo Ink :- We import/use pre-sterilized made in USA natural permanent tattoo inks from world renewed tattoo provide corporations on which we rely primarily based on our lengthy experience with results. Tattoo Needles :- Pre-Sterilized Tattoo Needles shall be taken out from sealed packing in front of buyer. Also needles will likely be trashed in front of buyer after completion of Tattoo.

Gloves :- Medically authorised tattoo gloves are used throughout complete tattooing process. Tattoo Machine Nib/Tip/Grip Extension :- Disposable Quality. Tattoo Machines :- We use absolutely automated coil and rotary primarily based tattoo machines. Machines are preserved in UV chamber when not in use. Lubricant :- Medically Approved Lubricant together with mixture of A&D Ointment is used throughout tattoo making.

Tattoo Marking Pen :- Sterilized Marking Pen particularly made for tattooing is used in our studio. Tattoo Stencil Making :- Hectograph Sheet made specifically for tattooing goal is used for making tattoo stencil. We're applying International Hygienic Standards and have absolutely sterilized environment in our Tattoo Studio. We use pre-sterilized disposable tattoo equipments. Tattoo Needles, Grips, Tips and Grips Extensions are Disposable.

Smocking and eatables will not be allowed within the Tattoo studio. Celtic Tattoos is given to the Tattoo studio cleansing-sanitization. Periodic medical checkups of Tattoo Artists are conducted. Pre-sterilized Organic Permanent Tattoo Inks, Tattoo Needles, Tattoo Machine Nips, Tattoo Skin Marking Pen are used. Tattoo Needles, ink caps, Nibs are of one time use and might be taken out from sealed sterile package deal in front of customer, and trashed after use in entrance of customer. Tattoo Machines when not in used are preserved in UV chamber.

Medically permitted Latex Gloves are used throughout complete Tattoo Process. We give written 'Tattoo after care' to buyer and information the particular person throughout full Tattoo healing process. Day 1 : Wash tattoo after 1 hour with drinking quality water and dry it with tissue paper. Repeat Read About Our Approach To External Linking washing as soon as again after 4 hours. How To Choose Your Favorite Tattoo Design After Which Get Inked : Repeat washing within the morning; and start using A & D ointment twice a day for subsequent 7 to 10 days. Do not rebandage the tattoo.

Cover it with comfortable free cloths when out of doors, keep it open when indoor. Avoid direct sunlight, weight lifting, pollution, cleaning soap, bathing water, extreme sweating, selecting scabs. Start using Tattoo aftercare product once all scabs peel off naturally. Prices : - Price of Permanent Tattoo rely on it's dimension and design. Please name us or visit us for worth details.

Temporary tattoo starting Price is just Rs 500 for six sq. inch tattoo and Rs one hundred per further sq. inch until any size for both Black and Color Tattoos. Price / Package-Cost of Tattoo making classes, Tattoo programs: Please go to web page Tattoo Training. Permanent Tattoo Price is suggested after Tattoo design and measurement is selected/customized. We don't cost for design customization.

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